Capture User Stories

Capture User Stories

Requirements are captured at different goal levels in agile projects:

  • Business goals define the measurable business effects a system should enable, facilitate or support.
  • Actor and stakeholder goals define how individuals are working towards achieving these business goals.
  • Epics, themes and user stories are describing features of a system that are supporting a specific actor or stakeholder goal.
  • Acceptance criteria finally describe how a specific user story should be implemented through a series of small acceptance tests that can be verified by business.

SpecLog supports capturing requirements in different formats that suit best for your team:

  • Requirements can consist of actor, goal, value and title.
  • Templates can be specified for different kinds of format and language of requirements (e.g. “As a I want to so that “, “In order to , as a , I want “, …).
  • Multiple templates can be defined for different goal levels and purposes.
  • Acceptance criteria can be captured for refining requirements before implementation.

V1.16 released (July 13th 2015)