Manage Requirements Flow

Manage Requirements Flow

Agile teams need a continuous stream of requirements to maintain pace and flow. New scope is derived frequently from goals and feedback to previous product increments. Requirements are not “handed-over” but collaboratively refined just-in-time for implementation.

Together with the team, the product owner (business analyst, requirements engineer, …) needs to setup and manage a pipeline for refining this stream of requirements.

Classical requirements management tools are not optimized for managing this flow. Their intended usage is that a business analyst pushes “complete” specifications to the team for implementation. These tools are optimized for creating and managing large amounts of requirements that are eventually handed over to the team.

SpecLog is optimized for continuous collaboration with the team on managing and refining newly identified requirements:

  • Workspaces, similar to story maps, can be used to arrange and visualize maps of requirements for different planning aspects and levels of maturity or understanding.
  • Tags can be used to manage the flow of requirements through the refinement pipeline.
  • Refinements and dependencies of requirements can be tracked and visualized on the workspace. (*)

V1.16 released (July 13th 2015)