Refine Specification

Refine the specification

Examples for acceptance criteria can be further formalized to allow automatic validation against the developed product. Following the red-green-refactor cycle of test-driven-development (tdd), developers are automating formalized acceptance criteria examples as tests that fail, before implementing the new behaviour into the system to make the tests pass. This extends the test-driven-development cycle from unit tests confirming technical design decisions to acceptance tests confirming business requirements.

When automating validation of acceptance criteria, it is important to preserve their business readability(automating without changing the specification). The validation can occur continuously with each source code change, which provides additional confidence when evolving the product.

Following this workflow provides an always up-to-date description of how the system works, which is readable for the business and the team.

SpecLog supports this workflow by allowing to link acceptance criteria formalized for automation, such as SpecFlow feature files, to requirements. Automated acceptance criteria can be linked from different sources:

  • A folder or fileshare accessible from the server
  • A source code repository hosted on Team Foundation Server

Further source control systems will be supported in the future.

V1.16 released (July 13th 2015)