Licensing and prices

Buy SpecLog now: License types and prices

You can purchase SpecLog instantly and securely with credit card through SWREG. The license key is sent to you in Email shortly after completing the order. Please contact us, if you want to buy SpecLog through purchase order and wire transfer.

License Details Price
Trial 30 days trial period, unlimited users for the server Free
(download evaluation)
Per User unlimited server connections 100 € / User
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Per Server up to 20 users 1500 € / Server
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Site license more than 20 users
(please contact us)
Community for published open source projects Free
(please contact us)
Academic/NGO for academic institutions or a non-governmental/non-profit organizations Free
(please contact us)
SpecLog Ambassadors single user license, if you are coaching agile teams Free
(please contact us)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with SpecLog for any reason, you will receive a full refund (minus credit card charges).


Each license includes free upgrades for 1 year. Upgrades for further years can be purchased for 30% of the currently valid initial license price. Upgrade periods have to be extended consecutively.

Per-user license

A per-user license is required for using stand-alone repositories. The license can be used on multiple machines by the same user and can be used for any number of repositories. Licensed user can also share their repository through a server with other licensed users (without requiring a separate server license).

Per-server license

A per-server license can be purchased to share a repository without buying individual user licenses. Users connecting to a licensed server do not require separate user licenses. A server license is valid for a single server instance that can host an unlimited number of repositories and can register up to 20 server-bound users (that do not require a dedicated user license to access this server instance).

A server can serve an unlimited number of users that are licensed through a per-user license or 20 users through the per-server license. Per-server and per-user licensing can be used in combination on the same server.

Site license

A site license allows to roll out a specified number of users on any number of servers within the organization.

Community license

We also offer a community license for specific organizations and open source projects.

Ambassador license

If you are a trainer or coaching agile teams, we can provide you with a free user license. Please contact us to join our SpecLog ambassador program.

V1.16 released (July 13th 2015)