Collaboration: share requirements and work distributed

Share Requirements

SpecLog maintains your requirements in a single SQLite database file, that can be easily copied or transferred via Email. Besides working in a distributed team and integration with work item management systems like Microsoft Team Foundation Server, SpecLog supports sharing requirements in the following ways:

  • The SpecLog client can be used for free to access repositories in read-only mode
  • Requirements can be exported into Excel
  • Workspaces can be exported into XPS
  • The SpecLog repository is a SQLite database that can be also read out directly

For quickly trying out SpecLog with your existing product backlog, you can also import requirements from Excel into a SpecLog repository.

Work Distributed

SpecLog supports distributing your requirements across multiple clients:

  • A server is hosting the repository and distributes changes between clients.
  • Each client can work offline and synchronize changes when getting online again.

Integrate with TFS

SpecLog allows feeding your requirements stream seamlessly to the work item management system of your team. Currently, SpecLog supports connecting with Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010:

  • Specific requirement types can be synchronized to work items in Team Foundation Server.
  • Specific work item fields (e.g. estimations) can be synchronized in both directions (*).

Support for connecting with other work item management systems will follow.

V1.16 released (July 13th 2015)