Evaluate SpecLog

You can evaluate SpecLog for 30 days without any limitations. This includes client and server with unlimited number of clients. During the trial period, SpecLog can be used in stand-alone and shared mode.

SpecLog requires Windows and .NET framework 4.0.

Download the installer for latest release of SpecLog from below.

Latest Release


Version 1.16
V 1.16.6 released on 13th of July 2015


Upcoming Releases

The following improvements are planned for v1.17:

  • Direct navigation from SpecLog requirements to JIRA/TFS workitems

Previous Releases

Version 1.15
V 1.15.16 released on 19th of June 2015
V 1.15.3 released on 21st of May 2015

Version 1.14
V 1.14.1 released on 20th of February 2015

Version 1.13
V 1.13.204 released on 18th of February 2015
V 1.13.105 released on 10th of September 2014
V 1.13.104 released on 24th of August 2014
V 1.13.82 released on 4th of July 2014

  • Bi-directional synchronization for Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • Read-only access for hosted repositories
  • Undo
  • Publish repositories as HTML download-URL from the server
  • View the list of all new features

Version 1.11
V 1.11.72 released on 3rd of December 2013
V 1.11.69 released on 18th of November 2013
V 1.11.67 released on 15th of November 2013

Version 1.10
V 1.10.48 released on 3rd of October 2013
V 1.10.45 released on 12th of September 2013

Version 1.9
V 1.9.55 released on 28th of August 2013
V 1.9.50 released on 20th of August 2013

Version 1.8
V 1.8.118 released on 9th of August 2013
V 1.8.117 released on 5th of August 2013
V 1.8.109 released on 24th of July 2013

Version 1.7
V 1.7.27 released on 30th of April 2013

Version 1.6
V 1.6.22 released on 12th of March 2013
V 1.6.19 released on 7th of March 2013
V 1.6.15 released on 6th of March 2013
V 1.6.11 released on 4th of March 2013

Version 1.5
V 1.5.58 released on 19th of November 2012
v 1.5.1000 released on 3rd of January 2013

Version 1.4
V 1.4.1 released on 27th of September 2012

Version 1.3
V 1.3.51 released on 6th of September 2012

V 1.3.60 update released on 13th of September 2012
(bug fixes/improvements)

V 1.3.69 update released on 19th of September 2012
(usability improvements)

Version 1.2
V 1.2.1 Released on 7th of June 2012

Version 1.1.51
V 1.1.51 Released on 12th of April 2012
view the list of features introduced with this release

Version 1.0.445
V 1.0.445 Released on 19th of July 2011

Commercial release v1.0, with the following new features:

  • user management and authentication of users on the server
  • administrative users for managing repositories and users
  • 30 days evaluation after installation
  • server based and client based licensing

Version 1.0.417
V 1.0.417 Released on 25th of June 2011

Contains bug fixes and further extends evaluation period until commercial release end of June. There is no need to upgrade the server repository schema with this release.

Version 1.0.415
V 1.0.415 Released on 31st of May 2011 (bugfixes)

Version 1.0.384
V 1.0.384 Released on 4th of May 2011, with the following new features

  • tree view of requirements for better navigating feature trees
  • expand Gherkin view for requirements to full screen for better readability of wide tables
  • specify estimates for requirements (and optionally sync them with TFS work items)
  • establishing refinements through dragging/dropping cards on the workspace
  • server plugin for synchronizing feature files with GIT
  • reconfigure language settings for Gherkin parsing
  • save shared repositories as stand-alone copies
  • usability improvements (remove groups of cards from workspace, better visualization of matching cards on workspace, prefill actors for refinements)

Version 1.0.284
Released on 11th of April 2011

  • generation of Gherkin feature files from SpecLog requirements to help refinement flow
  • linking Gherkin files from a central server drop location to allow integration with other source control systems
  • administration of servers and shared repositories
  • first version of semantic zoom for workspace

Version 1.0.166
Released on 21st of March 2011

  • many small usability fixes and improvements
  • major performance enhancements
  • all requirements search is now driven through Lucene
  • first implementation of multi-touch support (zooming/panning workspaces)

Version 1.0.137
V 1.0.137 Released on 12th of March 2011, providing performance improvements
V 1.0.115 Released on 4th of March 2011, with the following new features

  • linking of Gherkin files in stand-alone mode (directly from SpecLog client, no server required)
  • improved formatting of Gherkin files for display
  • improved requirements search and list
  • improved search (using Lucene): complex queries, similarity search
  • changeable identity and type of requirements to help migration into living documentation tree
  • visualization of relations between requirements on the workspace
  • general usability improvements

Version 1.0.63
Released on 21st of February 2011

  • maintain relationships between requirements
  • improved display for Gherkin files
  • general usability improvements

Version 1.0.18
Initial public version, released on 4th of February 2011

V1.16 released (July 13th 2015)