SpecLog Sundown Announcement

Microsoft have announced that as of 1 January 2020, the Azure DevOps API used to synchronise data with SpecLog will be removed from Azure DevOps (the cloud service). From this point on, you will no longer be able to synchronise information stored in SpecLog with AzureDevOps (cloud service) or vice versa.

On-premise installations will receive these changes with the next major version update, presumably “Azure DevOps Server 2019”. Once your system administrator installs this update, you will also no longer be able to synchronise information stored in SpecLog with DevOps Server.

As we do not intend to implement an alternative synchronization method, we will be discontinuing SpecLog. We will continue to provide support to customers with valid support periods, and existing customers can choose to extend their support period further on request. No new purchases will be possible. If you require support for SpecLog, you can reach us by mail.

Installer Download

If you need to download the latest installer for SpecLog, you can find it here.


Story Mapping

If you are looking for a way to manage user stories and synchronise them with Azure DevOps or DevOps Server, you may be interested in SpecMap. SpecMap is a DevOps extension that allows you to create story maps using work items themselves. This eliminates the need for synchronization and makes it easy to work directly with your product backlog when creating your story maps.

SpecMap is not 1 :1 replacement for SpecLog. The most immediate differences is that SpecMap uses a grid structure rather than the freeform infinite workspaces found in SpecLog. A snap-to-grid function was one of SpecLog’s most requested features, and we have adopted that paradigm going forward.

If you would like to try out SpecMap, visit the SpecMap website and marketplace page.

Gherkin Specifications in DevOps

SpecFlow+ LivingDoc is a DevOps extension for SpecFlow that displays feature files with formatting in Azure DevOps or DevOps Server. We recommend SpecFlow+ Living Doc if you are interested in the ability to view your feature files withing DevOps. SpecFlow+ LivingDoc is a component of SpecFlow+. SpecFlow is a test automation solution for agile developers using .NET. You can find out more about SpecFlow and SpecFlow+ on the SpecFlow website.